Minimiser les émissions provenant des déchets

The huge potential of converting waste into useful resources is now well recognized. However, information on technologies which can be used to convert waste into specific materials or energy is rather scattered.

Policy makers and decision makers thus find it difficult to identify and assess different technologies and select the ones suited to local conditions.

IETC has developed a series of compendiums of technologies for waste management in general as well as for specific waste streams with a view to provide information on various technology options as well as to assist the policy –makers and technology decision makers in the identification of appropriate technologies with respect to local economic, environmental, social and technical characteristics.

The compendiums refer to technologies in different stages:

  • in commercial use
  • under pilot implementation
  • under laboratory testing.

Additionally IETC has developed a methodology – sustainability assessment of technologies (SAT) – to assist policy makers in the assessment and selection of the appropriate technology under specific local conditions.

For more information, please visit the International Environmental Technology Centre website.