In 2012 Mozambique adopted ProMaputo, a development programme that also serves as an urban plan, land use and infrastructure development policy for its capital, Maputo, and neighboring Matola. In 2014 Mozambique formulated a Project for the Comprehensive Urban Transport Master Plan for the Greater Maputo, which addresses the lack of policy and plans for a public transport network and road improvements, and includes a pre-feasibility study for priority projects identified in the master plan.

The Master Plan has a vision to provide ‘socially and environmentally sustainable urban transport systems’. The Master Plan does not include bicycle planning, and currently there are no bicycle facilities.

Civil society and social enterprise

In 2015 Mozambikes (a Mozambican for-profit social venture company that customizes and develop bicycles for the local market) formed a partnership with US-based Alta Planning and Design to prepare a Maputo Bicycling Safety and Mobility Study. This study included a phase 1 pre-feasibility study for a bicycle lane network in Maputo, and the potential for incorporating bicycle facilities within the planned BRT corridor.