In an increasingly urbanized world, UN Environment and our partners support cities across the world in addressing environmental impacts and integrating the environment into cities’ long-term strategic planning. We focus on buildings and infrastructure, transport, air pollution, waste and water management, biodiversity and ecosystems.

The emphasis is in particular on supporting developing countries to develop and implement policies; policies which support low-carbon, resource efficient and green growth as well as policies on mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

The imperative of environmentally friendly cities is therefore one which is receiving attention and support from numerous branches within UN Environment’s Economy Division. For more information on cities in the context of low-carbon, resource efficiency and green growth, refer to the topic of sustainable lifestyles, and the work of UN Environment’s Energy Branch.


Green technologies key to boosting air quality in Chinese cities, says UN Environment chief

Large-scale adoption of green technologies in key sectors like manufacturing and transport is key to boosting air quality in China's major cities, according to United Nations Environment Programme Executive…

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City activities

Activities related to sustainable buildings and cities constitute key components within the Resource Efficiency sub-programme and Climate Change sub-programme. Learn more


We work with a range of partners to ensure that Investment in efficient, clean and safe industrial production methods is increased. Learn more

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