Businesses, Media and Law Firms

Businesses can support us by:

  • Pledging to respect the environmental rights of individuals and communities;
  • Sponsoring media trainings on environmental rights and other regional and international events on environmental rights;
  • Sponsoring environmental defenders seeking justice for the violations of their rights;
  • Using your influence to promote the importance of environmental rights to other businesses;
  • Helping us to produce useful materials for businesses on how to realize their environmental rights responsibilities.

Media organizations and Journalists can support us by:

  • Implementing media trainings with us on environmental rights;
  • Integrating our environmental rights curricula, including data, stories and testimonials into your media training;
  • Raising awareness of the plight of environmental defenders worldwide;
  • Sharing stories with us on environmental defenders and environmental rights violations;
  • Informing us of upcoming activities and existing campaigns on environmental rights or related themes so that we can publicize them.

Law Firms and Lawyers can support us by:

  • Joining our database of national pro bono legal services providers and public interest law clinics;
  • Finding out about networks of environmental defenders in your region.