Advancing environmental rights

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Bringing environmental protection nearer to the people 

The Environmental Rights Initiative is a coalition of state and non-state actors united to promote, protect, and respect environmental rights.

Through the Environmental Rights Initiative we will: 

Work with governments to strengthen institutional capacities to develop and implement policy and legal frameworks that protect environmental rights effectively and inclusively; 

Engage with businesses to help them to better understand what their environmental rights obligations are, and to provide guidance on how to move from a compliance culture to championing environmental rights; 

Support civil society organisations and vulnerable populations in their efforts to access information on their environmental rights and to shine a spotlight on environmental rights violations; 

Collaborate with media on the training of journalists on issues related to environmental rights and environmental defenders. 

Benefits of joining the Environmental Rights Initiative

  • Gain access to organisations and institutions working on environmental rights;
  • Access to UN sister agencies and inter-governmental processes;
  • Assistance securing UN Environment accreditation;
  • Engagement with an international network of environmental rights organizations with peer-to-peer learning and knowledge-sharing.

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