Two groups of countries (Group A and Group B)

Local, not-for-profit institutions in two groups of countries may register for access to the publications through OARE. The country lists are based on three factors: GNI per capita (World Bank figures), United Nations Least Developed Country (LDCs) List and Human Development Index (HDI).

Institutions in countries with at least one of the following criteria may be eligible for free access: inclusion in the LDCs; an HDI of less than 0.63; or GNI per capita at or below $1600.

Institutions in countries that do not match at least one of the above criteria and with either a GNI per capita less than $5000 or HDI at or below 0.67 may be eligible to pay a fee of $1000 per year. (See lists of countries, areas and territories below)

 - Details about the criteria by which countries, areas, or territories are categorized for the core offer

  • Eligible categories of institutions are: national universities, research institutes, professional schools, government ministries and other government offices , libraries, public media, and local NGOs. All staff members and students are entitled to access the information resources.
  • If your institution is in a Group A (free access) country, then OARE is free. If your institution is in a Group B (low-cost access) country, OARE costs US $1000 per institution per calendar year (from January through December). All institutions registering from Group B countries are entitled to a six month trial.
  • If your institution is in Group B (low-cost access) country, and you cannot or choose not to pay the annual fee, your institution will still be eligible for free access to a number of information resources.

- Free Access in Group B countries, areas and territories for some information resources

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