Information management

We bridge the gap between the producers and users of environmental information, and we enhance countries' capacities to manage environmental data and knowledge.

Thanks in large part to the hard work of researchers and increasingly committed citizens, the amount of knowledge about environmental impacts and the world’s ecosystems is larger than it has ever been. But this also presents a rather daunting challenge—how to find the authoritative, relevant, and up to date data requires immense amounts of time and focus—time that could be spent solving problems rather than researching them if it were at the fingertips of policy makers.  

The environment under review programme therefore works towards bringing coherence and synergy in data collection processes, develops capacity to strengthen national and regional reporting, and ensures that the most pertinent data and information will be both available online and easily accessible for everyone.

Examples include online access to research in environment (OARE) and the UN Environment Live platform which was launched in 2014 to provide open access to data and information to governments, non-governmental organizations, other  stakeholders and the general public and seeks partnerships to fill gaps in global data relevant to the environment, wherever they may exist.