About ecosystems

Humans depend on healthy and productive ecosystems to meet their basic needs, but many people’s needs are not being met sustainably – if at all.

An estimated 795 million people suffer from hunger and 1.2 billion live in water-stressed areas. At the same time, biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation are expected to continue, or even accelerate. By 2030, the world will require 40 per cent more water, 50 per cent more food, 40 per cent more energy and 40 per cent more timber and fibre. The only way we can meet these demands is by managing our ecosystems smartly and sustainably.

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People and partners

Our work on healthy and productive ecosystems cuts across a number of initiatives, partnerships and other key entities.

  • UNEP - World Conservation Monitoring Centre
  • UNEP - International Ecosystem Management Partnership
  • Marine and Coastal Ecosystems Branch
  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Branch
  • Freshwater, Land and Climate Change Branch