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UN Environment’s 2011 scientific assessment focused on Ogoniland, a kingdom which covers close to 1,000 square kilometres in Rivers State, southern Nigeria. Ogoniland is situated in the Niger Delta region, the third largest mangrove ecosystem in the world.

Ogoniland has a population of close to 832,000 (according to the 2006 National Census). The region is divided administratively into four local government areas: Eleme, Gokana, Khana, and Tai. The Ogoni people are predominantly farmers and fishermen.

At the project’s peak, some 30 local staff were employed with UN Environment’s project team based in Port Harcourt, including technical, communications and administrative staff, as well as drivers. These staff were supported in the field by voluntary community representatives from across Ogoniland.

To inspire young people in the Ogoni region to take positive action to conserve the environment, UN Environment has introduced a school programme called Green Frontiers.

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