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UNEP’s primary partner in Haiti is the Ministry of Environment, including the National Protected Areas Agency (ANAP) and the Macaya National Natural Park Management Bureau (UGPM). In addition, UNEP works closely with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism and the Inter-ministerial Committee for Territorial Management. UNEP also works with the Departmental Delegates in the Grand Sud, who are the local representatives of the President.

Local and international organisations 

UNEP Haiti works with key local and international organisations, including the Organisation pour la Réhabilitation de l’Environnement (ORE), Peche Artisanale et Developpement Intégré (PADI), Reef Check Haiti, SOS Enfants Sans Frontières, Agronomes et Véterinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF), the Natural Resources Stewardship Circle, as well as social enterprises in the private sector including Kreyol Essence and Ayitika SA.

Within the scope of the Haiti Sustainable Energy programme, UNEP has also cooperated with Haitian GIS agency CNIGS and collaborated with educational institutions such as Columbia University and University of QuisQueya, as well as with key local and international organisations, including Haiti Education and Leadership Program (HELP), EarthSpark International, Sirona Cares Foundation, Solar Electric Light Fund, National Rural Electrification Cooperatives Association, and Carbon Roots International.

As per UNEP rules and procedures, all non-UN partners have been subject to a due diligence process and were approved by the UNEP Partnership Review Committee in order to be contracted.

UN partners 

UNEP Haiti participates in the work of the UN Country Team, including strategic planning and contributing to joint programmatic frameworks (Integrated Strategic Framework, UNSDF). UNEP partners directly with UNOPS for administrative and logistical support and with FAO for technical support in capacity building for fisheries management with the Ministry of Agriculture and ILO in support of local cooperatives and producers associations linked with Green Economy.

In Disasters & conflicts