Knowledge management and environmental outreach

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Robust environmental data and public awareness of environmental issues is key to ensuring that natural resources are managed in a sustainable manner that benefits the people of Afghanistan. UNEP is working to improve availability of such data and promote awareness of environmental issues among policy makers, civil society, and the public through awareness campaigns, provision of environmental data, environmental education and the promotion of public participation in decision-making.

To enhance the knowledge and understanding of complex environmental issues such as the impacts of climate change or deforestation trends, UNEP is working to establish an environmental data centre that will link academic and scientific communities with practical field based activities. The environmental data centre will provide learning, logistics, and database support to the nascent environmental conservation movement in Afghanistan.

UNEP also continues to generate new information on key environmental issues in the country through technical reports such as the State of the Environment Report as well as through training. UNEP also continues to engage with the youth in Afghanistan by developing environmental material for primary and secondary schools and communities as well as organizing key awareness raising events for World Environment Day and other international environmental observances. Finally, UNEP provides technical assistance to NEPA staff responsible for communications, outreach and education to support the implementation of their mandate.

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In Disasters & conflicts