Reducing carbon emissions is no longer enough to halt the effects of climate change. Many countries are realizing that it's time to start adapting to a warming world. The policy world is responding. The 2015 Paris Agreement includes, for the first time, a Global Adaptation Goal. Similarly, the 2017 UN Climate Conference in Bonn reinforced the same objective. Nations spanning all continents are starting to develop National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).

The UN Climate Change Adaptation Unit focuses on 4 priority areas:

1. Ecosystem-based adaptation - Implementing projects that utilize biodiversity and ecosystem services as part of a holistic adaptation strategy.
2. Knowledge, analysis and networking - Spreading vital adaptation knowledge through well-connected global networks.
3. Access to adaptation finance - Helping countries to gain access to finance for building resilience and national capacity.
4. Adaptation policy and planning - Producing analyses, research and suggested targets for integrating adaptation into national policy.


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Progress on assessing adaptation at the global level is needed to meet Paris Agreement goals

Bonn, 8 November 2017 – Progress needs to be made towards assessing adaptation at the global level to meet the requirements of the Paris Agreement, according to a new UN assessment.

The Paris Agreement…

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