Toward elimination of PCB

In cooperation with the PCB Elimination Network (PEN) Advisory Committee and the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, the Science and Risk Unit of UN Environment Chemicals and Waste Branch developed an assessment on efforts made toward the eliminating of PCBs equipment and materials against the 2028 deadline. 


The Stockholm Convention requests Parties to report on progress in eliminating PCB every five years. The evaluation of progress towards eliminating PCB is based on the third national reports under the Stockholm Convention.

Although the progress in eliminating PCB varies considerably across UN regions, the limited data available are sufficient to highlight that the majority of countries are currently not on track to achieve the environmentally sound management of PCB by 2028.

Main findings

According to available data, more than 80% of PCBs still need to be eliminated (ca. 17 million tonnes), with only 13 years to go (see figure below).