Actions on Air Quality Report Update

Recognizing the global threat of air pollution, the UN Environment Assembly at its third sitting adopted resolution 3/8 on Preventing Air Pollution and requested UNEP to regularly “undertake an assessment of progress being made by Member States to adopt and implement key actions that can significantly improve air quality, in time for UNEA-5 and thereafter, synchronized with the Global Environment Outlook cycle”.

In response to this request, UNEP will be providing an update to the 2016 report ‘Actions on Air Quality’ and a comprehensive global picture of national efforts towards improved air quality in time for UNEA-5 in February 2021. The global report update will be complimented by regional reports led by UNEP regional offices and supported by country-specific case studies. By doing so the report will identify key actions that cover the range of interventions and policy options at three levels: global, regional and national.

UNEP will work closely with partners and stakeholders from UN Agencies, governments, research institutions, private sector, civil society and relevant NGOs. Member States are invited to take part in the online survey below that will be used to capture country-specific air quality actions in preparation of the 2021 edition of the ‘Actions on Air Quality’ report. An offline version of the questionnaire is available here to help prepare responses prior to taking the online survey.