What we do

We work around the world to tackle air pollution. Read more about our initiatives below.

Tackling climate pollutants - Through the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, we work to reduce black carbon, methane, and other pollutants that contribute to climate change and endanger human health.

Reducing vehicle emissions - We work with governments, industry and civil society to promote cleaner fuels and vehicles in developing and transitional countries.

Improving fuel efficiency - We are working to double vehicle fuel efficiency globally by 2050.

Supporting electric mobility - We work with governments and other partners to support a shift to electric vehicles, particularly in emerging economies.

Monitoring air quality - We pioneered the development of a low-cost air quality monitoring device that could revolutionize air quality measurement in developing countries.

Taking stock of global efforts - We report on what countries around the world are doing to improve their air quality.

Tracking sand and dust storms - We published the world’s first global assessment of sand and dust storms. The report recommends specific ways that governments can combat this air quality challenge.

Minimizing waste burning - We provide technology, policy advice and other support to help governments minimize the burning of waste.