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Launched at the second UN Environment Assembly in 2016, the Sustainable Innovation Expo has become the premier platform for engaging with the private sector and has become the preferred platform for connecting new science to policy; and policy to solutions.

The Expo’s purpose is to (i) showcase the latest cutting-edge technology from the private and public sectors to tackle environmental challenges (ii) engage key stakeholders through interactive dialogue on solutions in line with the theme of the UN Environment Assembly through panel discussions and roundtables (iii) provide a networking space for innovators and financiers to establish partnerships.

With a focus on eco-innovation and sustainable finance, the 2019 Expo, which was held from 11 to 15 March, brought together leaders from government, private sector, international organizations and civil society to support the UN Environment Assembly’s overall theme of Innovative Solutions to Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Consumption and Production.

Innovative sustainable business represents a trillion-dollar opportunity to be seized by organizations and companies that can bring value to people and the environment. Since consumption and production patterns must change radically to avert climate change and biodiversity loss, organizations, companies and citizens alike must invent and seize the opportunities to drive the necessary change.

With activities mapped to support the resolutions and political outcomes of the Assembly, the Expo was designed to complement these efforts by hosting nine interactive panel discussions, three Pop-up Chats and an exhibit space for 46 businesses (see Annex 1 for list of exhibitors) with cutting-edge solutions. The Expo also hosted two media launches of the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion and the 2019 Global Resource Outlook report.