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The Global Environment Fund (GEF) approved a project that has a lead in paint component. The approved project identification form is available here.

A brief description of the project is available here.

PowerPoint Presentations - 12 October 2017

SAICM Project Overview and Rationale (Brenda Koekkoek, UN Environment) 

Intro to Lead Paint and the Problem/Health Issues (Joanna Tempowski, WHO)

Global Elimination of Lead Paint Through Establishing Lead Paint Laws (Walker B. Smith, US EPA)

Update on the Global Status of Legal Limits on Lead Paint (Desiree Montecillo Narvaez, UN Environment)

Global Efforts to Eliminate Lead in Paint (Desiree Montecillo Narvaez, UN Environment)

Overview of GEF Project Process and Needs (Eloise Touni, UN Environment)

Working with Paint Manufacturers to Phase out Lead in Paint (Sara Brosché, IPEN)

Overview of work by National Cleaner Production Centers 

  • Serbia (Branko Dunjic, NCPC of Serbia)
  • Jordan (Husam Alkilary, NCPC of Jordan)
  • Peru (Marice Salvador Alejos, Peru NCPC)
  • China (Zixiu Li, China NCPC)
  • Colombia (Juan Gregorio Correa, Colombia NCPC)

Lead Paint Elimination Experience (Johnson Ongking, BOYSEN)

PowerPoint Presentations - 13 October 2017

Overview of Existing Materials and Tools: Focus on the Lead Paint Model Law and Its Delivery (Angela Bandemehr, US EPA)

Brief Overview of Experiences Working on the Ground to Support Lead Paint Laws (Sara Brosché, IPEN)

ABA ROLI Introduction and Legislative Reform Experience (Jay Monteverde, ABA Rule Of Law Initiative)

International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action Raising Awareness about Lead (Joanna Tempowski, WHO)

Group Discussion Document on Pilot Countries