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The fourth meeting of the intersessional process considering the Strategic Approach and the sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020 (IP4) is scheduled to take place on 23 to 27 March 2020 in Bucharest, Romania.

All participants are strongly encouraged to pre-register by Monday March 16 in order to accelerate the on-site registration and badge issuance at the online registration platform

The meeting will be held at the Palace of Parliament Strada Izvor, nr. 2-4, Bucharest (Romanian: Palatul Parlamentului)

All pratical  information may be found on the IP4 participants information note

There are no side events or exhibition space at this meeting. For more information, please refer to the provisional annotated agenda, which will be made available on the IP4 website. Please follow SAICM on twitter @chemandwaste for updates on the event.

Related meetings

Regional and sectoral group meetings as well as technical briefings will be held on 22 March 2020.   


This event intends to be paper smart and as green as possible. Please note that attendees are encouraged to download the meeting documents in advance from IP4 website or on arrival at the venue in Bucharest, Romania.

Procedures for media accreditation and registration

Media participation at IP4 meetings is subject to accreditation by the SAICM secretariat. Journalists should pre-register with the secretariat, including submissions of accreditation form and necessary information. 

For more information please contact Mr. Jose de Mesa by e-mail: [email protected]

Interpretation services

The meeting will be held in English only. No interpretation services will be available.

Greening of the meeting

To make a positive contribution towards comprehensive climate neutrality, SAICM is committed to organizing and implementing sustainable environmentally-friendly and carbon-neutral meetings, including for this fourth meeting.

IP4 will be a paper smart meeting, participants are kindly advised to bring your own laptop, as copies of meeting documents will not be printed or distributed. This event intends to be as green as possible. It is therefore encouraged that all participants generate as little waste as possible, including unnecessary paper and plastic.

Harassment free meeting

The organizations of the United Nations system are committed to enabling events at which everyone can participate in an inclusive, respectful and safe environment. UN system events are guided by the highest ethical and professional standards, and all participants are expected to behave with integrity and respect towards all participants attending or involved with any UN system event.    

Further information on the Code of Conduct to prevent harassment, including sexual harassment, at UN system events may be consulted here.


A passport is required for travel to Romania. Although a visa or tourist card is not normally required for most nationalities, travelers are urged to seek information on visa requirements for his/her nationality prior to travel. Please check and confirm requirements on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website: http://evisa.mae.ro/home  

More information may also be found on the IP4 participants information note


Invitations to Governments, intergovernmental organizations and accredited non-governmental organizations dated 13 December 2019 were sent out together with the registration form for the meeting. A registration form and an official nomination for Government representatives, should be submitted for all delegates in advance of the meetings – through the official contact point.

All participants are strongly encouraged to pre-register up until 16 March in order to accelerate on-site registration and badge issuance as well as compilation of the list of participants. The registration form can be found here.

Questions regarding registration should be directed to [email protected] or [email protected]

On-site registration and identification badges

The event will be convened at a government facility that will be carrying out its daily activities during the event. Access to the venue will be possible through two security gates. Participants may register at the registration counter which will be located beyond the second security gate entrance. In order to ensure easy access to the venue, we strongly recommend that all participants carry an ID card /passport and confirmation of registration in hand.

Registration (for pre-registered participants) will start on on Sunday 22 March at 7:30 AM and will remain available the duration of the meeting.           

For identification and security reasons, all participants are requested to wear their meeting badges at all times in the Palace of Parliament complex. The loss of a meeting badge should be reported immediately to the registration counter.