• Overview

From March 26th to 28th 2020 the city of Assisi will play host to a unique international event: The Economy of Francesco, a global summit of young change makers. The three days see the participation of young economists, entrepreneurs and change makers from 120 countries.

Pope Francis, on May 11th, published a Letter of Convocation. The idea was to create a youth-led global congress to redefine and reimagine the global economy so that it might be more inclusive, sustainable for our planet and give voice to those who have not been excluded. The 2000 delegates under the age of 35 were carefully shortlisted from an application pool of more than 3,400, by a global panel of experts.

The Economy of Francesco event will involve workshops, plenary sessions, artistic events, seminars, and include inputs from a renewed scientific panel of renown economists, experts in sustainable development, business men and women who are currently committed worldwide, to the search for a different type of economy, one that cares. These experts will provide input and work together with young leaders who will shape the day’s proceedings. The Nobel Prize winners Muhammad Yunus and Amarthya Sen will attend the conference to serve as panel of experts to contribute to the work of these young changemakers. In addition, other participants will include Bruno Frey, Tony Meloto, Carlo Petrini, Kate Raworth, Jeffrey Sachs, Vandana Shiva, Stefano Zamagni, and Iyad Abumoghli, Director of Faith for Earth.