Regional Facilitators

Role and Selection of Regional Facilitators

Two Regional Facilitators per region are selected by accredited organizations, preferably by means of an electronic nomination and voting process self-organized by accredited organizations or – upon request – by UN Environment whereby accredited organizations are asked to nominate and elect two Regional Facilitators, with attention to gender and sub-regional balance.

These candidates are asked to attend the UNEA, and to have the relevant expertise of the thematic issues to be dealt with at the upcoming session, if the theme is already known. Regional Facilitators must come from organizations accredited to UNEP and ideally be from different sub-regions to ensure a more balanced representation (Latin America and Caribbean for example or South and North Africa, or USA and Canada etc.). They normally serve a minimum two-year term – or until the next election – and participate as observers on the Major Groups Facilitating Committee. Regional Facilitators are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct presented in UNEP’s Stakeholder Engagement Handbook.

They may use the title: “Regional Facilitators of Major Groups and Stakeholders, Name of the Region.” Regional Facilitators play a purely facilitating and expert role and have no mandate to formally represent their region or Major Groups and Stakeholders from their region. They may present agreed positions emerging from Regional Consultative Meetings as well as from other consultation mechanisms developed during their period of mandate. They are specifically selected to ensure agreed Major Groups and Stakeholders’ regional views are presented to UNEA and its subsidiary organs, as well as in other meetings that may be convened. In the absence of positions agreed among Major Groups from a specific region, Regional Facilitators are not entitled to make official statements on behalf of their region.


Regional Facilitators as of January 2018


Asia Pacific


Latin America and the Carribean

North America

  • Anne Bowser - Citizen Science Association, USA - Accreditation in process
  • Dan Burns - One Earth Initiative, Canada (Alternate) - Accreditation in process
  • Jennifer Garard - Future Earth, Canada
  • Celeste Connors - OEDB/Hawai’i Green Growth, USA (Alternate) - Accreditation in process

West Asia

Find out more about the Regional Facilitating Committee mandate in its Terms of References.

These are the current regional representatives: