17 Apr 2020 Blogpost Ecosystems

CLME+ HUB for the Wider Caribbean

This CLME+ is a portal designed to harness global knowledge, resources and tools in the one convenient place to support the achievement of the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf (CLME+) Vision and Strategic Action Programme (SAP) initiatives. The HUB has been designed to accommodate the information needs of a wide variety of CLME+ stakeholders including members of the general public to LME Practitioners.

It is intended to be:

  • a platform to be owned and used by Members of the CLME+ partnership
  • awareness building for the broader public
  • platform to support the achievement of the CLME+ vision and SAP objectives, SDGs in the CLME+ region etc.
  • source of information / documents and tools
  • gateway to network to partner websites
  • overview of the state of the marine environment, tracking of efforts
  • central portal to access all related news

As an information management decision making tool for LME practitioners, the HUB will progressively expand with a range of tools designed to assist in the better planning and management of the CLME+, including for example, dynamic linkages to the Caribbean Marine Atlas (CMA2) Geonode, OHI, knowledge and learning portal (IW and LME Learn) and other marine related governance portals.