For his true representation of global citizens driven by a commitment to the welfare of people and the planet.  

Tony Oposa is an extraordinary individual and a true representative of global citizens, be they already on this earth, those yet unborn or those not able to defend themselves. 

He has almost singlehandedly defended them all in many public interest litigations. He has won landmark judgements in environmental jurisprudence. These decisions have established precedents to limit the wanton pumping of carbon into the earth’s air that are now cited and emulated by courts everywhere in the world. 

His natural gifts as a storyteller and passion not just for the wonders of the natural world, but the wonders of human beings afford him the deep empathy that extends his capacity to inspire others far beyond the bounds of his field of law. 

Tony’s commitment to the welfare of the people and the planet needs to be cherished and replicated as the climate leadership to which we should all aspire. 

[Photo Credit: University of Hawai‘i News / Youtube]


Tony Oposa is a litigator, organizer and activist for advancing environmental and climate justice in the Philippines and globally.

Elizabeth Mrema is Director of the Law Division at UN Environment Programme (UNEP). Follow UNEP at the United Nations Climate Action Summit here.

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