Online access to research in the environment (OARE)

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The OARE programme enables academic, research and government institutions in developing countries to gain free or low cost access to an impressive body of research in the environment and related fields. Set up by the United Nations Environment Programme in 2006 together with Yale University and major scientific publishers, OARE provides access to a collection of up to 11,500 scientific journals, 27,000 e-books, 40 databases and other information resources in 118 countries.

OARE is designed to bridge the knowledge gap between developing countries and the industrialized world, and to build the capacity of researchers and experts to facilitate the development of science-driven policies for a sound management of the environment.

OARE is part of the Research4Life partnership, together with four other sister programmes with similar objectives: Hinari, AGORA, ARDI, and GOALI.  

Passwords and registration

Institutions that would like to access full-text articles and use OARE search tools must register with OARE and receive an institutional user name and password. Upon successful completion of the registration process, all employees, staff, faculty, administrators and students of that institution should be provided the name and password so that they may access OARE resources directly. A user name and password are not required to access journal abstracts, but they are required to access the full-text articles and search tools.

Using OARE

Users can find basic guidance on how to access and use scholarly resources available through OARE in the Using OARE section of the website.

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