Efficient and effective

UN Environment catalyses resources to deliver results, leverages effective partnerships and meets the requirements of an effective multilateral organisation.

  • An effective champion for bringing the environment to the forefront of global debate and a strong catalyst for international action
  • Effectively achieved its mandate to keep the world environmental situation under review and to ensure that emerging environmental problems receive consideration by Governments.
  • Effectively guided regional and national environmental policy formulation and contributed to positive environmental outcomes
  • Applies results-based management across the organisation, with training and appropriate guidance manuals and tools in place
  • Brings positive impact in the environmental field through its flagship reports, its facilitation of access to timely science-based information on the environment, contributing to national policy changes and developing global norms and standards for the environment
  • Successfully leveraged its expertise and strategic partnerships to spearhead important environmental efforts, has intensified partnership activity and has contributed expertise, access to Governments and global science-based networks to its partners
  • Highly valued by stakeholders for its contributions to policy dialogue, respect for partner views, and its significant influence on environmental policies
  • Highly rated for mainstreaming environmental governance and integrating gender equality as thematic priorities into policies, projects and programs